New Music – Ali Warren ‘Head Over Heart’

As the title suggests this is a soulful and emotive song that dives deep into the heart that beats inside all of us to paint a vividly crimson picture with the blood of pain and powerful beauty that shapes us.

Ali Warren is an artist that can play with giddy childlike excitement with a grooving choral hook that still manages to dance one foot in the shadow of something darker and more profound lyrically.

This song perfectly showcases the nuanced and mature skill at the core of this artists work. It builds itself upon the powerfully poetic lyrics and emotive crackle of Warren’s spellbinding vocal range.

It begins very simply allowing the voice and feeling to beckon the listener in. It is sharply crafted to deliver an instant and deep connection that it is felt as acutely by the listener as it the artist.

The soundscape of the song matches the emotional rollercoaster at the heart of the track and as it tumbles beautifully into the call and echo of the bubbling chorus as it reaches a peak. The thrumming call of the chords on the keys resonates with this all encompassing power that vibrates in the listeners very core.

The drums leave the track during the intro to dance to the rhythm of the void but they tickle their way onto the track as it approaches the first climatic crash of the chorus and they pound out a juddering beat that flutters and flexes in perfect syncopation with the song’s theme.

Poetic, powerful, and profound, Ali Warren crafts music that doesn’t linger in lament, but rather shines a light into the shadow to illuminate a more defined outline.

Words by Matt Miles

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