New Music – Aaron Taos ‘Communication’

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Want some classic sounding bedroom pop in your life? Look no further than Aaron Taos and his new single ‘Communication’. Written around the idea that things are best talked about rather than being bottled up, ‘Communication’ tackles the issue whilst being a groovy lo-fi bop.

Gorgeous, full synths blend a together to create fun and funky hooks that interact subtly with Taos’ rich vocals. Popping basslines give a sound similar to Yack! favourite Tim Atlas, adding a sense of nostalgia to the track whilst also turning it into a seductive little heater.

Speaking on the track Taos states “My girlfriend at the time I wrote this song was someone whose first response to a problem was to go inside of herself and clam up – which was frustrating for me. I would be the one to initiate and try to lovingly coax it out of her to talk… ‘Communication’ is about the importance of airing things out.”

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