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Resek founder and a real driving force behind the vision. Ellis Deaves (DeaVious) is a producer and rapper hailing from Cornwall. Now when you think of Cornwall hiphop is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, but Mr DeaVious and co are working hard to dispel that foolish misconception. DeaVious writes extremely personal and passionate verses sometimes taking a few listens to digest precisely what is going on within his intimate and intricately written songs. With two albums under his belt already “It’s Not A Heart” and “Tin Man Army” we’re looking forward to more from this impish little creature.


Irish born and Cornish bred Detax is another rapper coming from unfamiliar stock. This is no detriment to the mans ability to spin a lyric however, crafting some of the most finely polished bars we’ve heard. At heart a storyteller Detax is similar to the bards of old, traveling from place to place imparting wisdom and a message within his tracks. Currently working under The Outerclass moniker as a duo with Loop Faction on the beats, debut album Crackdown is a fierce battlecry announcing their entry into the UK scene with a swaggering bravado.

Jazmyn Mary

There are few artists as versatile, passionate and just plain beautiful as Jazmyn Mary. She plucks her guitar softly, producing a sound like soft little angel feet fluttering across harp strings, accompanying this with a dizzying hypnotic voice capable of soaring to sonorous pitch and you have something truly mesmerizing. Just as likely to be plucking out a hip hop or grunge cover on her guitar as she is to be performing one of her own folking lovely songs you would be incredibly heartless if you didn’t take the time to check this delightful dame out.


If you were try to sum this dude up in just three words it would be flow, fucking flow. Blessed with vocabulary and intellect Robbers is capable of injecting lyricism into his verses with inventive schemes and bars, but it’s his delivery that really grabs hold of your attention. He means every word he speaks and you can tell how carefully crafted his songs are. His crisp and punchy voice really smacks the track around though having that deep, sage like quality found in wordsmiths the caliber of Chali 2NA or MF Doom. Debut album Built With You In Mind is a fairly introduction to the pedigree of work Robbers is capable of and worth a spin or ten.


Londen bred Trix has since moved to St Agnes to help contribute to the surging hip hop scene clearly making waves in Cornwall. As a lyricist and MC Trix is capable of blurring the lines of reality and fiction, mixing metaphor with blunt and simple storytelling creating a frank but engaging narrative. Currently focused on producing beat tapes with fellow soundsmith Vinyl EG, Trix is another Resek artist making noise, and it’s mighty fine noise at that.



Last but not least we have Verzo, another of Resek’s in house producers this man can tweak and fiddle with sound making it dance across his mixing desk. Based out of Leicester this is another artist expanding the reach and progress towards Resek’s UK domination. Capable of putting out tracks polished to perfection Verzo has an incredible ear for music mixing old school samples with new and crafting tracks each very different from the last. With three booming beat tapes released to date, Verzo is majestically creating himself a discography to be respected.

Words by Matt Miles

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