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We found the time to ask brothers Peter and Charles Camiré a few questions about themselves and life as Canadian rock band Maybelleen. Short, sweet and to the point, just how we like it.
How do you write your music? Do Maybelleen have a unique process?
PETER: Charles and me write our own songs acoustically and individually and when it comes to record in studio, we kinda match all our ideas. The time we got in studio is magical, because we do it all together, the instruments and everything. We always push our creativity to the maximum.
Who has influenced you the most to create music?
PETER: Our dad.
What are your songs really about?
CHARLES: We write about life and what it’s all about. The songs will inspire people in a positive way, we hope.
Where do you want Maybelleen to be in a years time?
CHARLES: Playin’ lots of gigs and festivals. World tour.
What about in 5 years time?
CHARLES: World Tour
… and 10 years time?
PETER: Having a beer with Neil Young.
Ok, so picture this scene, you’re in an alleyway, you are approached by a drunk Hulk Hogan. He wants to mug you, what do you do?
PETER: I would finally use my karate skills I learned when I was 9.
CHARLES: I would just enjoy the moment and look how sweet Hulk Hogan’s face is.
Why do you think there is so much great music coming out of Canada at the moment?
CHARLES: I don’t know, is it the Canadian invasion?
Name one person you really hate.
CHARLES: The guy who killed Spiderman’s uncle Ben. Haha!
Why do you hate them?
PETER: Because Tobey Mcguire feels guilty. And he should not. hahaha!
Finally, is rock music dead?
CHARlES: It depends what Rock ‘n’ Roll is for you.
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