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This interview took place in August 2015, some show dates may have already past. Sorry about that too.

We caught up with our Featured Artist, Weinf,  for a little chat about Primavera, Hulk Hogan, and shitting in a bus stop.

So, tell me a little about yourself

Well, I’m a songwriter from Barcelona, Spain. I’m 20 years old and I dig Pink Floyd, Jack White, The Strokes and The Fratellis, to name a few.

I’m releasing my first LP soon, in September/October, and I like to party hard and wake up in a trash can.

 What made you want to make music?

Well, I began to play when I was 17. Some friends of mine had a band and I thought “that’s cool, I want to do that”

One thing led to another and I had my own band, The Roulotte Roosters. They met their end at the beginning of 2015 and so I started my solo work.

Why did it end?

 Some members lost interest, and I had begun my solo work by the time, a thing most of them didn’t like.

Medical reasons also played a part, a bunch of things and bad timing, it wasn’t meant to be.

What influences your solo music?

 Mostly Jack White, Julian Casablancas, The Fratellis, even Red Hot Chili Peppers, but in this new LP you can see that I’ve been smoking weed and listening to a lot of Pink Floyd.

Do you record everything at home or in a studio?

I do everything at home, with a borrowed laptop. Studios are really expensive.

 What tips would you give someone who wants to start recording their music at home?

Try new things, do the things in your own way. There is no right or wrong in this things, don’t let people tell you that, and enjoy it. it’s the most important part.

 Do you work entirely on your own?

For recording I do it all by myself, but for live things I’m helped by two wonderful guys, a drummer and a bassist/keyboard/everything

And they are happy just to take a backseat and be your session musicians?

 They are really feeling the whole thing and I value that very much. We really have a great time rehearsing/performing, even if they don’t write songs. At least for the moment.

Where do you want to music to take you next?

Well, I’d love to tour, it is like the thing I’d like to do the most. I love playing live and I’d love to travel to do that, to meet new people and that.

Have you got any shows coming up soon?

Hell yes, We go to Madrid on October, and I’m talking with a friend over Bristol to go play a gig over there. Also there’s a bunch of nights at Barcelona to be confirmed yet.

So you’re coming to the UK?

 It’s not sure yet, but I’d love to go over there and the guys seem to dig it too. I know the guys from AltCorner, they are very cool people.

Have you been to any festivals this year?

I’ve been to Primavera Sound, here in Barcelona. It’s really great I’m not really a festival guy, but it was really really nice. I saw a lot of cool shit.

What makes Primavera different to other rock festivals in Europe do you think?

Well, I’ve never been to any festival outside Spain, but it’s got a great line-up almost every year, and it’s right next to the sea and the place where they do it is pretty big.

Do you prefer intimate gigs?

Absolutely, I feel like they are usually better, better sound most of the times and it’s not as claustrophobic as a big festival can be. The good thing about a festival is the party that comes with it, really feel they are like two different thing.

Do you think you would stop making music if you didn’t enjoy it anymore? Even if you were making money from it?

Yes, definitely. I think I would find it pretty hard to write songs if I didn’t feel like it. I think it would stop coming to my mind directly, so it would be no longer up to me. There would simply be no more things but I don’t really see that happening anytime soon.

 What is your local music scene like?

Well, here in Barcelona the scene is not bad. It’s dominated by electronic music, but you can find great things over here. In Madrid is a more garage-driven scene, so I heard,  I’ve never been to Madrid though

Are you familiar with Hulk Hogan?

The name rings a bell, is some kind of fighter? With a moustache?

 Picture the scene… You are in a dark alleyway, and you are approached by Hulk Hogan. He is demanding your money, what do you do?

 I ask what the money is for.

He needs to feed a drug addiction and go to strip club

I would tell him to share and we have a deal.

 He doesn’t like sharing and he has a knife

Oh, holy shit that’s tough. Then I end up without drugs and strippers.

I’d prefer to be stabbed man.

I guess I’d give him the money and curse him with my friends

 Picture this scene… You are in the middle of the city, it’s a busy night. You need a shit really bad, but there are no toilets around. What you going to do?

 Two weeks ago a friend was in this same scenario. He took a shit in the bus stop, he was drunk as hell.

How did he wipe?

He didn’t, when he gets drunk, he turns into a beast.

 But wasn’t he just covered in shit?

Dogs don’t wipe and neither does drunk Joey. He is very skilled.

 Tell me more about Joey The Shit…

He was the singer of the Roulotte Roosters, my previous band, we are good pals. He came to my first gig as Weinf and well things got messy and he ended up shitting on the bus stop. it was a great night man.

Did anything else happen that night?

Well, the drummer, that is also the brother of a friend of mine, got really wasted too.

Now that you ask it I don’t remember very clearly the details just the feeling of the whole thing, a very good feeling.

 Were there any narcotics floating around?

 No, kids don’t do drugs, at least not the hard ones.

So what’s your favourite drink?

Jägermeister, it’s the Jesus Christ of the drinks in my humble opinion.

But it tastes like an alternative Chinese medicine shop.

I don’t see that as a downside of the thing.

Are you into alternative Chinese medicine?

When I was a kid, my parents had to hide the medicine from me because I really liked the taste not into the Chinese ones though, but it would be nice to try.

 Name one person in the world that you really really hate.

Bono. I don’t know man, it’s pretty irrational I just look at him and hear his songs and I think “I can’t. I can’t do it anymore”

 Finally, Is punk dead?

Never I don’t think a genre can ‘die’. It can have its lows for sure but there’s always going to be punk, rock and roll and every kind of thing as long as there’s music.

I’m not even into punk but I think it applies to every musical genre.

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