Track Of The Day – The Claremonts ‘What’s Goin’ On?’

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Forming in 2016, the South-Manchester four piece The Claremonts bring one of their strongest singles to date to the table in the form of ‘What’s Goin’ On?’. The band cite influences such as Arctic Monkeys and more interestingly The Streets, both playing a vital part in the formation of The Claremonts’ music. The new single is rightly focused around the toxic levels of turmoil in global politics and bites at that floppy haired prick Donald Trump.

From the off you hear the Monkeys influence shining straight through, raw vocals and honest lyricism leads the way over the top of dark guitar riffs. The choruses roar with angst and anger, asking the very serious question, what is going on? It certainly seems like The Claremonts have an idea as this single cuts through the shit and comes out with its heart on its sleeve. A bold, energetic track from a band that clearly have their heads screwed on.

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