Track Of The Day – Gentle Tender ‘Some Hard Advice’

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Track Of The Day is a new one for us but a band that we have been seeing a lot of recently – It’s North London’s Gently Tender and their new track ‘Some Hard Advice’. Just about every worthwhile music publication has got on board with this one and is starting to build a huge hype around the quintet – Rightly so. Comprised of former members from Parma Violets and The Big Moon, Gently Tender release ‘Some Hard Advice’ ahead of a massive headline show at Hackney’s Oslo in March.

There is a feeling of nostalgia about this release and although it comes feeling fully formed touching on moments of the 60s there is also a more modern edge. Lyrically ‘Some Hard Advice’ is about connecting with those close to you, and this song only helps with that endeavour, a real sit-down-with-your-mates kinda track that swirls and sways through delicate melodies and exquisite rhythms.

The band explains: “I was reading the news last year and a story caught my attention of how the island of Hawaii went into crisis and panic when everyone received an accidental text message to say that a missile was heading in their direction and they should take cover. The song is about that moment of realisation – the prospect of dying without your loved ones.”

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