New Music – Kilkovec ‘I Know I Don’t’

Have I just pressed play on a Coheed and Cambria track by mistake? I really think I have, but no it is in fact the boys from ‘Blazinstoke’ that call themselves Kilkovec. You may remember their last E.P ‘Name Your Place’ receiving rave reviews… from us (and others probably), well this single is the perfect next step from the Hampshire trio.

You can hear the progression they have made from their last release, their sound is polished and clean and Dan Wilson’s vocals are just oozing with confidence. This single just has a much more grown-up feel to it, a real air of professionalism if you like. That being said the song is a little predictable, you just have this sense of what is coming next throughout. Perhaps that shows that credit is due for great song writing, or perhaps it is just a little laziness creeping in, whatever the case we strongly believe it is the former.

Something that really sells a song to me is a strong breakdown, something that tilts your head back, opens your mouth and shits down your throat. I Know I Don’t does that, it draws you in by stripping the song back, leaving space for you to gather some thoughts about what you’ve just heard, then it blows up in your face and leads you to the songs snarling conclusion. This gritty conclusion to the song leaves you feeling like Jenna Jameson, with Kilkovec all over your face and an ounce of guilt in the pit of your tummy.

The single has been released on Ugly Duck Records and is available on iTunes now.

Words by Robert Hiscock

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