New Music – Jeremy Neale ‘Lone Tiger’

Once a upon a time there was a band from Australia called ACDC, they were quite good. Then there was a band from Australia called Men At Work, and they were alright. Australia also produced Kylie Minogue, Tame Impala and, a YACK favourite, John Farnham but just recently there has been a new Australian name circulating the world. That name is Jeremy Neale.

Looking like a cooler, Australian Napoleon Dynamite in his latest promo shots, Jeremy Neale has an abundance of song writing skills, and if there is one thing I learnt from Napoleon, it’s that chicks dig skills. Lone Tiger is the newest single from the Indie-pop maestro, it is catchy, it is fun but best of all it is well written.

Lone Tiger clearly takes a lot of influence from bands such as The Monkees, and conjures up all the feelings synonymous with summer. Pop this track on, close your eyes and you can quite easily imagine yourself cruising to the beach, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

For all of the feel of the 1960s that Lone Tiger throws at you, the track has a modern grooviness too that can keep your toes tapping and your hips swaying. Whilst you are getting your groove on this song will also drill itself into your head and you will often find yourself humming the chorus. I, however, have spent just about a whole week trying to decipher the chorus, ‘Your heart is a diamond, shaped like a diamond, cold like a diamond ring’. Is Neale trying to describe the uniqueness of a partner comparing them to something as precious as a diamond. Perhaps he is saying, no matter how beautiful something can look it can always have less desirable qualities, maybe this makes Jeremy Neale the ‘Lone Tiger’ by not trusting these qualities in people. Another explanation is that the lyrics just create some interesting imagery that really ticks over in your mind for longer than it should.

Instrumentally, there is a nice interplay between electric and acoustic guitars that adds a little difference to the dynamics. The use of acoustic guitars in the softer verses goes nearly unnoticed, but in truth plays a huge role in the overall feel of the song. They also add a certain romanticism to the track before it builds itself up, with distant, angelic backing vocals mimicking Neale, into a full blooded chorus that would lend itself so kindly to any summer festival this year.

All in all Jeremy Neale is making waves across the world, and after appearing at this years Great Escape Festival in Brighton the future looks very bright for the Australian. Lone Tiger comes off of the eagerly awaited ‘In Stranger Times’ E.P, which was realesed in November of last year and is crammed full of feel-good hits.

Oh, and Jeremy Neale is Australian, just incase I didn’t make it clear. (I sure hope he actually is Australian now I’ve made such a point of it.)

Words by Robb Hiscock

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