New Music – Edityourhometown ‘Suddenly… Ghosts!!!’

You may remember Edityourhometown from a previous Featured Artist Friday we did on this cheeky little Brighton based foursome. Since then the band have been busy working on a Kickstarter campaign to fund their second EP alongside finding the time to release Suddenly… Ghosts!!! which we can tell you is quite the tasteful tease.

This latest single takes a wander through the scope of Edityourhometown’s sound, it is a veritable catalogue of what this band has to offer you. Starting off softly with what could be politely labeled as the more accessible side of the band, we are introduced to the track with melodic vocal bopping in the vein of that Futureheads cover of Hounds Of Love. After we traverse these potentially murky waters, in strut the jangling guitars sounding just as polished, fresh and boring… at this point we were double checking that were listening to the same band that had sent us that earth trembling EP, what we had here just sounded far too Radio 1.

At thirty seconds in, the rumblings of what we had been expecting began. The transition in this short four minute audial adventure is a fairly severe one as it takes you on a journey from pop through jazz to mathcore. What started off as a sparkling Radio 1 summer hit, as trite as it is infectiously and annoyingly melodic quickly began morphing into something far more interesting. At thirty seconds we were hit with a deliciously intricate little riff, that quickly began a dizzying dance with the vocal melody and another equally delicate little lick. This mesmerising collision slowly builds in intensity until abating at around the one minute mark where the song strips off it’s human skin and from the peeling husk, a hulking godzilla of a riff starts doing a robotic shuffle before leading the band into a keyboard driven breakdown.

This section if what I know of this band holds true will be the calm before the storm and it is a beautiful calm. The kind of music I would like to kick back with a beer to on a balmy summers evening. The track lets you chill out like this for a little while before the vocals return at around the one minute thirty mark, the two meet for a short refrain before the song combines all the previous elements together again in a funky little shake up.

At two minutes twenty the track is destroyed… the sudden and swift shift leaves you feeling weightless and giddy for a moment. The band rebuild an entirely new soundscape with trailing chords picked from the rubble of what came before. I have to admit that for me this second half of the track stands gargantuan straddling the corpse of it’s previous incarnation. We have around thirty seconds with this stronger more angry iteration of the original track before it gives up on it’s previous life completely.

The next stage of this metamorphosis starts with the bass, as it thumps it’s way to the front of the mix, tickling up and down your spine in transit. The vocals instantly relax into a delivery more poetic and so too does their content, this is served up on top of that almost tribalistic jazzy bass, and a haunting cello refrain.

The track saves the best for last. As that bass falls off the track completely suddenly the guitar is left to shine brighter, coming in with a jangling flourish and funky little strut. Accompanied at first with only that groovy pick up sticks style of drum beat the guitar is soon joined by… some mother funking jazz flute! The flute swoops in on the track like a hungry bird and impresses it’s feathery presence on the track inextricably. The bass rejoins the track this time as more of a heartbeat than that of the bone jangling role it had been playing moments before. I am not ashamed to tell you that this final minute is for me the most enjoyable. A freaky little jam session that is broken over the knee of the bands more hardcore nature in it’s final half. More of this please Edityourhometown.

The mixing on the track is perfect, each instrument seamlessly coming to the forefront for their sequential moments of dominance. This is a track that is serving up a lot and it’s impossible to digest it all on the first sitting, it takes a fair few to properly stomach everything that is on display here.

Listen to it yourselves and let us know what you think, it’s definitely a track that is worth the recommendation and we are looking forward to the next EP. They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal but if you like what you hear why not donate to these deserving bards here

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Words by Matt Miles

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