New Music – Dreemers ‘True Love’

New to the scene and arriving just in time to kick start your summer of feel good tunes are the Isle of White trio Dreemers. With the release of their debut single True Love, Marc on vocals, Nathan on drums and Jordan on bass are hoping 2015 will be their truest year yet.

Dreemers style has been likened to that vintage rock ’n’ roll atmosphere, apparent from the start of their new track; the heavy opening bass will have you tapping your toes mere seconds into the song. The rawness of the sound they create from the first strum off the bass sets the tone for the remainder of the three minutes; giving you a world of insight into the new kids on the block.

This three piece are unlike many British bands on the scene at the moment, erring on the side of alternative but with a simplicity of meaning that many mainstream outfits fail to achieve in this day and age.

So what is it exactly that inspires these three lads from the White Isle to make this sound?

Marc says, “Our biggest inspiration is definitely punk, new wave and indie. We wanted to have a more alternative sound in Dreemers, so we used those influences and combined them with our own personal experiences.”

You can tell instantly what Dreemers are trying to achieve with True Love, from the thumping bass to the lightness of the rhythm guitar, their often vacant execution adding a sense of wistfulness that has seen them compared to bands such as The Vaccines.

The lyrics, a depiction of their personnel experiences; the reality of being in love and what it can really mean to some people. In the case of these three chaps you get a sense of loneliness from a love that failed to deliver on its intensity in the beginning. Yet their frankness and almost dream like waves of music comfort you at the same time as giving you a reality check.

Even their name evokes a sense of nonchalance, a feeling of honesty and simplicity that the bands music so strongly resonates. “I wanted that certain feeling of nostalgia with our music, so I merged it with a more modern alternative vocal melody and structure”, said the Dreemers front man.

Based on their debut single Dreemers are certainly a band to watch out for this year and will excite Brit-Pop fans staying true to the scene. It’s a tune that you can listen to whatever your state of mind and one that will sound best in the light nights we have ahead.

Perhaps the perfect song for a summer romance? We think so (YUCK! Magazine classic).

Hoping to release their full debut album just in time for your holiday playlist, Dreemers will also be doing a UK tour to accompany their record. You know where to keep those peepers peeled at Yack! fans.

Words by Theo Andrew

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