New Music – Bi:Lingual ‘Subject Number’

So the mystery man behind the YACK e-mail address sent me this little track by Bi:Lingual called Subject Number. After my first listen I check the Facebook page and notice some mutual friends knocking about the likes list (which is surprising, due to my lack of friends). It seems these guys are doing okay for themselves and I can see why if Subject Number is anything to go by, it’s just pure ass kicking energy start to finish.
You might be forced to chime in with an excited “It’s Rage Against The Machine!” type comment, like the eager kid in maths class who got orange peel thrown at him when the teacher turned their back. But it certainly isn’t a copy and pasted formula, if anything it reminds me more of One Day As A Lion with elements of the Beastie Boys (as their soundcloud page proclaims and that chorus hook testifies).
We start with Dylan Teague (vocals) shouting about pissng and shitting, which caught me off guard at first…  “Oh God what have I clicked on this time”… then BOOM, it’s like being just outside the safe zone when a bomb goes off as the line “turned the rock an roll genre in to little bitch!”  slaps you in the face. If my life were a low budget sitcom I’d have been falling off my seat (top hat and all). My goodness. Here comes the straight up no-nonsense guitar riff with ALL the fuzz, gain, tone… I want to see them live already! The song doesn’t mix things up on the whole as it progresses, but it maintains that mouth watering level of groove and fury as every member slams out hard hitting riffs.
As a side note, there’s nothing hugely special about the music video, unless you’re in to creepy white dudes stripping with a nervous grin.  Although it’s nice to see them lose their shit in the live shots; that energy is clearly not just saved for recording.
In short, if you’re a music nerd it isn’t going to blow your socks off, but if you’re in it for ‘dem feels’, these guys don’t fuck around.
Final judgement – go check them out.
Words by Daniel Gibbon
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