New Music – Yvy Maraey & Mike NASA ‘A Familia (Ft. Noah Slee)

With a razor sharp hook of a chorus that sinks itself deep into the flesh of your ear, the beautiful tapestry mix of genres and rhythms combine into a kaleidoscopic soundscape that is truly intoxicating.

It begins with the slow smouldering build as the beat comes together with a clap, click, and the gorgeous resonating pluck of the guitar.

The Brazilian flavour shines through, in the strut and saunter of the beat and rhythm. It has a sachay sway that begs you to give in and join in the dance.

The soulful vocals are crisply soft effortlessly lacing themselves over the top of the rhythm with enchanting ease. There is a distinct RnB twist that provide a unique take to the rhythm underneath.

The chorus is utterly spellbinding, punctuating with perfect precision vocals hitting the same full stops of the rhythm.

The rap verse provided my Mike NASA is phenomenal. An easy flow that flexes easily over the unique beat. Tight lyrical schemes that match the pace and feel of this emotive and lucious soundscape.

It’s such a prismatic mix of different sounds that each shines with a dazzling brilliance refracted through the rules and rhythm of the others.

Words by Matt Miles.

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