New Music – Vant ‘Il Capitano’

Vant make music that makes other musicians jealous. This is sumptuous, subtle, and sublime song writing allowed to soar amongst the surreal and serious subjects that the songs are carefully crafter from. It has this electricity buzzing at its core that crackles out and energises each and every aspect of the sound.

Lyrically Vant are unapologetically politically, socially, and intellectually charged. The song bounces between first and second person narration which heightens the sense of unease and underlines the turmoil at the forefront of the narrative. The song directly calls out the ‘Il Capitano’ character from Commedia Dell’Arte, which Vant draw great inspiration from. The ‘Il Capitano’ mask or character was usually donned by a braggart or charlatan who felt the pricks and jibes of the world too keenly often resorting to drawing his sword, however the only blood ever spilled is his own.

The soundscape of the song has an electronic undercurrent and a powerful analogue whitewater that smashes through the track in the form of the rugged drums. This simple but hypnotising pair is soon joined by the jangling and sweet sweeping picking of a guitar and as the song slowly pulls itself together the build and rush is intoxicating.

Vocally the performance is incredibly confident and accomplished, it has great range and depth, with a strong emotive core. When the vocals begin to layer synergistically there is this extra poignant push that elevates the lyrics even higher than they were before.

Vant is a passion project, its poetic and poignant lyricism has a power behind the pen that cannot be faked. While it manages to dance merrily along the tightrope of commercial appeal with a keen ear for a hook and some poppier elements in the instrumentation, it doesn’t shy away from quite dark and heavy subject matter. This is what art should be, a mirror held up to the uglier side of ourselves with a battlecry and rallying chant that may help us to change our wicked ways.

If Vant get half the audience they deserve then there may still be time to save us from the apocalyptic and doom fuelled future so present in some of Mattie’s other projects.

Words by Matt Miles

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