New Music – Thousand Thoughts ‘Ignite’




‘Ignite’ is the third single from London based Thousand Thoughts, the latest offering from the band’s self titled debut EP. The band take on a range of influences from pop punk to nu metal and astonishingly signed a record deal before they had even released a single and have singe played alongside VANT, Razorlight and The Sherlocks. Big stuff then from a band that are relatively early on in their career, but given the level that their music finds itself on it is really no wonder that this band are accelerating towards the top.

The new single is instantly reminiscent of 90s rock staples like Greenday but quickly take on the more anthemic sounds of more recent years. Thousand Thoughts’ sound is massive, powerful and full of energy, expertly crafted and accomplished beyond their years as a band. ‘Ignite’ has elements that appeal to poppier audiences but at its core the track is as alt rock as it comes with huge gritty guitars complimented a superb vocal performance.


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