New Music – The Dumes ‘GWTC’




L.A. based indie outfit The Dumes release their latest single ‘GWTC’ (Gone With The City). THe band have received high praise from the likes of Billboard, among others, for their soft brand of indie infused music. ‘GWTC’ is another superb offering from the band and hints at a more powerful, atmospheric side to their music.

There is a gently undercurrent with ‘GWTC’ however there is also a dynamism that allows these softer moments to really stand out. As the track develops the choruses grow louder, more powerful and add further depth to the eloquent and beautiful verses that reflects with honest lyricism and a impassioned vocal performance.

Vocalist Elodie Tomlinson says on the track, “GWTC was inspired by a period of my life when I thought I was totally losing myself but I actually ended up finding myself.”

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