New Music – The Cookie Jar Complot ‘Sweet Dreams’

Inviting you in with an enticing danceable groove, it’s not long before it evolves into a crushing and menacing force that is more nightmare than sweet dream.

Complex and intricate instrumentation that wiggles and worms throughout the track is caught and held firm for just long enough to create a coherent through line.

The track builds beautifully before smashing it all down with gargantuan force and fury. It is chaos tamed and the listener is left jaw agape marvelling at the cosmic beauty.

The track elicits feelings of great hope and joy while also presenting one of doom and decay. It is bittersweet and poetic and takes great skill to pull off.

This is music that sings without the need for an actual human voice. It communicates in notes, riff, climax, and conclusion, and the language is universal.

Words by Matt Miles

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