New Music – Talking To Sophie ‘Brown Metal Flake Cadillac’




Latest single ‘Brown Metal Flake Cadillac’ is the center piece of Talking To Sophie’s new LP  ‘Calivada’. Having taking many incarnations over the last few years and eventually landing back in its most simple form as a solo project, Talking To Sophie is the brain child of Marcel Krell. Having toured around their native Germany many times, the artist explains that it was time for a new beginning with the band and here we are with the upcoming album and new single.

‘Brown Metal Flake Cadilliac’ has a simplistic, yet captivating sound. Its droning synths and sparse vocals open a layer of mystery within the song whilst pensive drum beats bring in a moodier atmosphere. The new single really makes the most of space within the dynamic and doesn’t overpower the track with needless moments, the choruses are rightfully catchy and the verses are filled with subtleties making the track a joy to listen to.

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