New Music – talker ‘Horror Films’

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German born, California based artist talker emerges with the title track from her debut EP ‘Horror Films’, featuring four additional tracks all with a little  help from Dan Sadin (guitarist, FRENSHIP) and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J, Eryn Allen Kane). With only a handful of songs out there the young artist has already being picking up plaudits across the online world, and now graces the pages of Yack! Magazine to top it all off.

‘Horror Films’ opens in a woozy, mellow fashion with talker’s beautiful vocal taking centre stage a top an almost grungy, yet clean guitar. As the track develops in grows into its influences adding in moments of heavier rock but also keeping close to a crisp somewhat pop sound, which allows the track to become not only one for the rockers but also infectiously consumable for almost everyone.

Speaking on the EP talker explains “I try to be super authentic and honest, and I think sometimes that, combined with the music industry’s cut-throat nature, makes me feel like the girl walking down the dark and creepy hallway in a horror film — she’s definitely not supposed to go in there! Except with this EP, going in there just brings out my raw emotions and hopefully something for people to connect to”

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