New Music – Talk Time ‘Colors’




The L.A. based Talk Time emerge with another offering, just their third in fact, in the form of new single ‘Colors’. With their first two releases picking up a mass of praise from radio and huge playlist support across streaming sites, the five-piece will surely be looking to emulate this success and build on it moving into festival season. Originally creating their sound from a warehouse in their hometown the band are now showing off the polished, yet experimental sound that they have devised.

‘Colors’ is propped up with noodling guitars that interplay with each other beautifully whilst gorgeous synths wash over the track given that indie pop feeling. Whilst the lead instruments really give the track a stunning, clean edge it is the rhythm section that shines through as the real unsung hero. Tight pulsing basslines fill the track with a toe tapping energy, without this you could see the track slipping down a path of washy lo-fi synth pop. With this energy ‘Colors’ is inspired into becoming catchy, infectious and an absolute indie masterpiece.

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