New Music – Stark ‘Watch Your Signals’

Tearing through the speaker with a fast and frenetic fury there is a new wave romance that burns all the brighter against the passion fuelled punch of the vocals.

Diving into more disco friendly daggering dance, the majority of the song flies the flag of post punk power.

It has the effortless cool and croon of The Stooges with the fuzzy buzzing darker depth of Joy Division.

Lyrically it’s poetic but with concrete imagery that is puked venomously with a vocal scream that charges it with the powerful passion of the pen that wrote it.

Growling, prowling, scowling howls vocally that whip the furious musical score into overdrive and claw into the flesh with a barbed hook chorus that is addictively raw.

It has a menacing and bleak message but in butting its head against the wall it provides a cathartic release.

Words by Matt Miles.

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