New Music – Rocket Fuel ‘Too Far Gone’

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Dutch four-piece Rocket Fuel came together over a collective love of thrashy riffs, 90’s punk rock and metal grooves all influenced by the likes of Strung Out, Rise Against and Pantera. With a number of releases already under their belt and a number of shows on their local live circuit in the Netherlands, the band are starting to create a serious buzz around their blend of rock influences. Surely this latest release is the sign of more to come this year from the band – We’ll wait and see.

‘Too Far Gone’ explodes out of the blocks with the bands trademark love of heavy riffs. This is mixed with punk influenced drumming which is all brought into a more contemporary setting in the choruses that hold a more melodic, almost pop punk feeling. The drumming is brach, energetic and full throttle whilst maintaining an inherent bop throughout the track. ‘Too Far Gone’ even has a break-down, the kind of middle 8 that we really love, that incorporates the best elements of speed and thrash metal. The track is not by any means aimlessly heavy and really has been put together with a whole lot of thought.

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