New Music – Pink Leather Jackets ‘Shed’




Canada’s Pink Leather Jackets formed just under two years ago and have been making a neat little brand of uptempo rock n roll. Now they emerge with their first release ‘Shed’ coming from the debut EP ‘Good Love’. The track will be followed with an extensive tour schedule that will most certainly put this name on the map in a big way.

‘Shed’ is an unashamedly upbeat rock track, flowing with high energy and massive riffs. It almost feels like a mix between punk and more modern indie rock, its speed and aggression alluding to the former and its melodic edge the latter. ‘Shed’ is a display of proper rock n roll that has a raw edge to the production stripping it of any commercial sounding edge which is something that is becoming all too common and maybe that is the beauty of this track. It isn’t polished, instead it’s a warts ‘n all, balls out rock track with serious potential.

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