New Music – Pieternel ‘Run No More’

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This is a whole lot of fun. New single from Amsterdam based Pieternel is a bouncy (no reference to the video intended) nugget of folk infused indie-pop. ‘Run No More’ was released as part of Pieternel’s debut album ‘Roosevelt Island’ late last year and is a beautiful and catchy dose of highly accessible music.

‘Run No More’ brings through a whole host influences – a touch of americana mixed with appealing pop hooks and guitars deeply based in folky rhythms come together to create just huge amounts of enjoyment. The video centres around this idea in playful way and fills the music with an added feeling of colour.

Describing the track Pieternel says “I met a man in NYC and completely fell in love with him. It was feeling I hadn’t experienced in a long time and it kind of scared me, it felt like a storm. But I decided not run from it but to face and embrace it. I took this idea and the start of the chorus to my NYC friends and writers Gabe Cummins and Daniela Bauer and we wrote Run No More. I began my anthem and is now my reminder”

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