New Music – Packs ‘Two Hands’

Packs new track makes me youthsick, as in homesick not as in sick of “the youth”, a clarification which only serves to make me feel even older. ‘Two Hands’ fuzzy guitar, witty lyricism, and too cool energy whips up a truly nostalgic shoegaze angst.

‘Two Hands’ should have been on the Juno soundtrack. It has tapped into a unique sound and energy that sounds completely fresh and relevant revisited all these years later. It’s oddball enough to be effortlessly cool whilst still completely relatable and accessible.

Lyrically it’s clever, bluntly honest, and deep enough to actually mean something. There’s references to The Simpsons in the first line and anxiety inducing feeling of not belonging in the next. It’s a song that perfectly wades through the marshy swamp of awkward youth.

“Recommend a movie to ya
Now I know I’m too sincere
He’s no good at body language
Ruining the atmosphere”

The lyrics are beautifully delivered with vocals that have just the right mix of growl and purr. The guitar is dialled to 11 on the grunge setting but with a more simplistic folk strum to go with it. It reminds me of artists like Ben Kweller, it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s poetic, it’s strange, and it’s very welcome.

Public service announcement: Despite Pack’s claims; hiking up your pants isn’t enough to save you from quicksand folks!

But it might just make for a lovely day stomping around in the mud.

The full album ‘Take The Cake’ releases on 21/05/2021.

Words by Matt Miles

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