New Music – OGMH ‘You Are’

Weaving a dark web of gothic prog, OGMH pierce the airwaves with an pulsing electro sound with dagger sharp vocals and a pounding beat.

The track begins with the jangling chime of bells riding atop a coursing river of droning keys, bass, and crashing drums.

There is something incredibly morose about the beginning of the song, the keys are on a never-ending downward spiral that is only lifted when the first vocal hook comes in.

The vocals provide a lift beautifully navigating between their lower and higher ends. Which provides another mirror to the songs story. Every line provides an interesting twist or flourish that keeps the listener guessing.

Lyrically it’s nihilistic but incredibly poetic. It charts the slow descent into apathy and the disillusionment of an artist’s dream and ambition.

Picking between the lines there is hope though and it’s in these tough times that boys become men. The second part of the song evolves into this ascending whirlwind of sound that gives wings to the more positive lyricism and narrative.

This is a band on the cusp of greatness, they have come through the toughest trial in shedding their youth and now humbled can begin to make true art without the burden of ego.

The song is beautifully open lyrically and the composition reflects that maturity in the uniquely diverse progression of its soundscape.

This is a sound entirely its own, it dances with one foot in sunbeam and the other in shadow. It balances gritty raw honesty with a dreamlike fugue state and The vivid imagery emerges mythic in stature from the haze.

Words by Matt Miles

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