New Music – Of Gentleman & Cowards ‘Don’t Say’




New single ‘Don’t Say’ from Canadian outfit Of Gentlemen & Cowards emerges as a track steeped in professionalism which would fit in on prime time Radio 1 as much as it would on specialist radio. Speaking on the track the band state “Don’t Say” is a song about endings. Between being stuck and leaving, there’s always a choice – this song was created in that space. It’s a pleading refrain from a strained relationship. Maybe we can get past this, or maybe it’s over.”

It’s high energy from the outset, with huge, soaring choruses bringing through the familiar sounds of later Kings of Leon, whilst pumping drums and expansive guitars drive home that stadium rock anthem feeling. The single is catchy too and the vocal hooks quickly work their way into you head and stay there for hours. It’s a big statement from a relatively new band.

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