New Music – Mountain Town ‘Last Time Around’

With its lingering lament on the steel guitar and tender tearful touch in the lyricism, this is an ode to the road and a fond farewell to the faces we may not see again.

Penned in the company of friends in the Sonoran Desert as part of the Americana Folk Gathering festival the song acts as a celebration of the souls and songs shared there.

With the terrifying power of the monsoon rains that swept in some nights, ‘Last Time Around’ taps in to that primal fear of our own mortality and the fact that we may not even notice the find farewell of a friend that may well be our last.

The track practices what it preaches and celebrates the connections we still have with Corbin Pratt providing a touching tribute on the steel guitar to the friends both he and Jon Kolon of Mountain Town met at the gathering.

The album was mastered at Nashvox Studios in Nashville through another connection made and it speaks volumes of the community in the genre.

Lyrically the song plays with the sand and the rain of its setting to paint a picturesque and philosophical image of the infinite tradgedy and beauty of our too short time on this fine earth.

It’s cowboy wisdom that resonates with a raw and pure honesty at the beckoning of the emotive guitar playing and effortlessly evocative country cool croon on the vocals.

Mountain Town is an artist that bleeds for their music. The poetry in the lyrics is matched with the masterful instrumentation and it reaches out from the speaker and into your heart.

Words by Matt Miles.

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