New Music – Moon Walker ‘The TV Made Me Do It’

From out of the static comes a concrete riff of juggernaut proportions. It reaches out from the fizzing radio to grab hold of the listener and drag them in diving into a kaleidoscopic soundscape of funky grooves and punchy lyrics.

The track begins with a walking strut of a riff on the bass that wiggles with a fresh funk feeling before the jangling rhythm chimes in overs the top and brings it into step. From the song marches ever onward with an impressive stomp that has as much boogie as it does explosive energy.

The drums are a pounding and pulsing chorus that roars at the heart of the sound, they provide the monumental rock that the band chisel the rest of their sound out of. It’s a huge sound and it seeps through every moment of the beautiful noise they make.

When you have a two piece making this colossal a sound based primarily around the guitar and drums it would be impossible not to compare them to The White Stripes but it’s worth remembering that very few acts can do it at this level and with this level of style and passion, Moon Walker dance along that line with ease.

Lyrically Moon Walker attack the sensationalism of the media with an acerbic tongue and pin-point accuracy. The song is heavy with blood soaked poetry and every line is delivered with the appropriate passion. The vocals go from a soft croon to a cackling roar and it adds a great deal of depth to the sound as a whole.

The TV Made Me Do It‘ is effortlessly cool. The music video shows off the attention to style and veneration that the band has for the acts that paved the way before them. It’s a super cool sound and it’s bound to create a buzz in those looking to someone picking up where The Strokes or The White Stripes left off.

Words by Matt Miles

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