New Music – Louieze ‘What Ya Doing’




So this one came to us and we aren’t really sure what to make of it. It’t the first single from Bristol based singer songwriter Louieze. Now for an artist that hasn’t released anything before there already appears to be a strong following with over 40k followers on Facebook and the video racking up nearly 60k views in a month. On the surface it feels like this artist is particularly popular already, which is great, but it does have a bit of a Hunna-ish feel to it.

Regardless, the track actually emerges in quite fine fashion, the choruses have a pretty big energy to them raising the stakes from almost theatrical sounding verses. There is a pretty cool indie rock infused bounce to this with some 90s sounds thrown in for good measure and little guitar riffs create a driving force whilst the synths bring a dancier side to proceedings. Whatever the case is with this artist, the new single is pretty cool.

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