New Music – Little Triggers ‘So Fine’

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This one will wake you up. Merseyside based quartet Little Triggers offer up a dose of finely tuned, high-energy rock ‘n’ roll. ‘So Fine’ is that type of song that would just fit perfectly on a Soccer AM segment, it has that laddish swagger to it whilst being insanely catchy.

There is an anthemic quality about ‘So Fine’ that also feels like a lot of fun – imagine The Strokes meeting the Eagles Of Death Metal. The guitar riffs are in your face and the vocals come through with a certain bluesy quality that drenches the track in a retrospective charm. The lads have taken their purposeful rock ‘n’ roll to the stage supporting Iggy Pop as well as a sold-out shows in the UK and China. If every release from Little Triggers is as vibrant and energetic as this then you can sign us up for more.


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