New Music – Lightmare ‘All Cats Are Beautiful’

With a frantic frenetic energy, Lightmare sound a lot like if Devendra Banhart took a tumble through a punk-rock rabbit hole and came out the other side just as soulfully psychedelic but with the amps turned up to 11.

The song begins with this building whirlwind that increases in energy until it dissipates at the tip of the lead guitar riff. From there the swagger and soul of the track nestles into place on the stomping rhythm of the fruity drum beat.

Vocally it has this soul fused emotive honesty that feels like it’s bouncing from the walls. There is a lovely quality to the sound and the production throughout is crisp and clear that adds a depth and tone to the soundscape. The band flirt with chaos throughout with a huge sound so richly layered and every instrument flexing in very vibrant fashion.

It’s a truly unique sound that wields the righteous anger and energy of punk with the softer hand of its emotive funky soul leanings. It merges the two together into this battlecry that burns all the brighter with the passions of its influences.

Lyrically it is poetic art but not to the point of abstraction. It has strong messaging and an obvious heart to it that doesn’t shrink away from the spotlight or fold under closer examination. Like good graffiti, it is concrete, colourful, and tells the story of where it’s from.

This is a band that crackle through your speaker with an unexpected and electrically charged creativity. It is a fuzzy, buzzy, livewire that sends shivers down your spine and turbocharges your dancing limbs.

Words by Matt Miles

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