New Music – King-Mob ‘King Kaiten’

‘King Kaiten’ begins like the slow march of time, inevitable, with a giants thunderous stomping rhythm. It teases of the gargantuan sound yet to come, but also has a deep and resonant beauty of its own.

This monumental build topples at around the 1:30 mark and the track comes raining down in pieces. It’s no inconsequential feat to shatter the fabric of time itself and the chunks are substantial.

King-Mob begin bringing together the broken pieces of this shattered song and placing them perfectly into a gorgeous mosaic soundscape. It is made more beautiful for the cracks, and it takes a true musician who knows the rules intimately to be able to bend and warp them like this.

The guitar is loud and quiet simultaneously. At points it shouts at others it whispers, at others still it cackles. The instrumentation as it comes together is tight, and woven together with true mastery.

Over it’s relatively short playtime ‘King Kaiten’ evolves from the mist into this fuzzy/hazy masterpiece, distorted and delicious. Its intricate layers peeling back just enough to let you a glimpse at the one below.

Its a brilliant tease for the bands debut EP.

Words by Matt Miles

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