New Music – Kev Koko ‘Coming 4 U’

Daggering dark disco with a haunting vocal performance lovingly laced into the velvet smooth pulse of the track.

Kev Koko shows off an entirely new side to his sound leaving behind the techno trap tracks of the past to serve up something much smoother.

The track vibrates with the shuddering rhythm of the pulsating heartbeat bass. It layers up from there with a gothic and ghoulish gloom and a futuristic cyber punk edge.

There is a cosmic scope to the sound that picks and plucks on the energy waves that exist unseen in the seams between realms. There is a colour to the music that can only be seen when shone through the right prism, but when you do it is a dazzling dancing display.

The vocals have this pain of passionate wisdom that ooze through every line. The falsetto adds to the texture of the song, but it also shows off a shinier side to Kev Koko’s range we hadn’t seen before.

The lyrics are both an ode to love lost, but also a warning to the naive to not let a fairy tale trick you into lingering longer than you should in freezing cold waters.

Do you love love or do you love your lover? Examining a failed relationship the track tries to detangle itself to become an individual on the other side.

It has that mournful air to the music, but the mood is mostly one of building energy. Power pulses like lightning through the bed of the track and is easily channeled through speaker or headphone to the listener.

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