New Music – KEG ‘Presidential Walk’

With a skittering beat and frenzied instrumentation KEG create an explosive soundscape that blows out the rigid support beams of any defined genre. Dancing in the shadow of chaos it creates something beautifully ordered within the blurred edges.

It begins with this bubbling guitar that soon spills over with the peaking burst of the drums. When the vocals join in we are treated to a eccentric but exciting jaunt into the ghost of a story cast by a possibly non-existent Wikipedia page. The band take us on a constitutional built on creative poetic lyricism and jazz influenced rule breaking.

The core of the song has a wonderful grasp of melody and harmony which it uses to brilliant effect by shaking off the expected and taking long walks into lesser trodden structures and sensibilities.

There are moments when the track goes completely feral, feeding on its own primal energy to prickle with electricity. In others it takes a break diving into a more typical groove but even in these moments there are instruments and layers to the sound that lurk waiting to pounce back in and rocket the track back into cosmic realms.

KEG are a band clearly not afraid to experiment, the song has this inescapable velocity from the first note and it keeps this exhausting pace with itself to truly dizzying effect. Lyrically it’s serving up something conceptually quite bizarre but in playing with this madness it manages to mine to quite profound and moving emotive depths.

Words by Matt Miles

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