New Music – Hot4Robot ‘Blue Screen’

The groove saunters in with an easy boogie before the slightly unhinged lyrics and electronic discordance fuzzes up the edges of this non-stop cosmic rollercoaster jam. The sound at first feels familiar but this experimental jazzy little prog acid trip continues to morph and evolve diving deeper and deeper into the blood soaked mindset of it’s narrator.

Lyrically the song is about the romanticising of a Natural Born Killers-esque psychopath. A Bonnie and Clyde love story that measures romance in the darkest red hues of blood spatter. As the track progresses the vocals become more and more passionate going from a croon to a full belt and growl. Once the song finally gets to the ultimate climax the chorus turns in to a feral howl, wailing out a bestial echo of what we heard before.

Sonically the song inches up in decibels and continues to build upon the soundscape of instrumentation as it progresses to match the lyrics. It begins with an almost Dire Straits like groove but before the song is over it has added fangs and claws in terms of guitar and ferocity on the drums.

The final minute is pure audial bliss, everything is set to maximum and it comes together in a frenetic whirlwind of sound. As a destination it is beautiful to behold, but it’s the journey that brought us here that is the true masterstroke.

This is a band working well outside of any box we’ve ever heard of, this is experimental in both musicality and content. If this is a testament of what Hot4Robot are bringing to the table, lay out a place for us at the next feast, we’re going to gorge ourselves silly. And we don’t even have to wait that long to do so, the debut concept album is already out.

Words by Matt Miles

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