New Music – Ghosts of Social Networks ‘Don’t Let Me Down’




‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is the second single from Manchester based dark wave act Ghosts of Social Media’s debut EP ‘My Lucifer’. The brain child of Nathan Till, GOSN are more than just a one man band on the live scene and have been turning heads since their entrance to scene three years ago. With praise already coming from the likes of Steve Lamacq and others, GOSN have already built a strong foundation for a quick rise to the top.

The new single puts the deep, melodic vocal of Till are the forefront and the driving force of the track, bringing with it an almost punk energy and impassioned delivery. The guitars are gritty, fast and loud and rip through the choruses with an angsty vigour.  Overall the track has a moody feeling to it despite its high tempo and aggressive dynamics.

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