New Music – Fervid ‘The Wave’

Crashing over the listener with torrential energy ‘The Wave’ is a tidal force that submerges you in it’s inescapable pull.

The track begins with an orchestral feel stripped back to just the piano and the vocals. It has a trembling promise of the build and explosive climax to come.

As the drums start to tick tock the passage of time edging closer to the cataclysm this sense of ecstatic foreboding only grows.

When the dam finally breaks and the track pours through its an energetic release. From there it only continues its cascade picking up power and debris as it courses through white water riffs and whirlpool choruses that you get utterly lost in.

Towards the end there is a break where the lead guitar picks out a masterful solo that perfectly captures the mood of the song as a whole.

Lyrically it’s bittersweet, incredibly accomplished song writing that paints the promise of better days while not ignoring the darkness of the journey.

There are few bands that can so beautifully straddle the divide between indie vibes and harder rock, Fervid do it with effortless ease.

It ebbs and flows naturally not lingering in languid pools of loveliness for too long before it dials up the decibels.

Words by Matt Miles

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