New Music – Einsam ‘Samantics’

Dancing disco electro currents spark and sparkle within a live wire soundscape, it’s energising, emotive, and lyrically dense with deep philosophical pondering.

First track ‘I Land‘ explodes from the speaker to set the EP off to an electric start. The booming orchestral build comes back to that original refrain but with context and craft each visit adds more colour and depth to the sound.

Lyrically the EP is filled with poetic and powerful phrasing. ‘I Land‘ establishes the themes of identity, representation, and relationships that continue through the project.

At Eye Level‘ is the song that brought us into the project. It’s a profoundly poetic and philosophical pilgrimage into the heart of an artist and the niggling self image that plagues us all.

Relatable and brutally open and honest the song shows off just how much of himself Einsam is willing to bleed into the track.

The instrumentation hits just as hard as the lyrics and while the vocals step back into a more spoken delivery they don’t lose any of their passion or power.

If you wanted to hear a more empassioned belt in the vocals then ‘Tunnelvision‘ delivers. It has a darker and more thick soundscape, that pushes against you with a building pressure until the cathartic release of the climactic chorus.

The EP finale comes in the form of ‘Turn It Over‘ which acts as a slightly softer and more surreal cosmic saunter through wandering pondering thoughts.

With more space and simpler instrumentation Einsam is able to create a more wiggling and subtle soundscape filling in the empty spaces with luscious riffs and melodies that wave and weave themselves with infinite beauty like the aurora borealis.

The production is phenomenal, expertly weaving the sounds together in this masterful mix, CECIL has stamped a subtle but sonorous mark on the music. Allowing the work itself to truly shine; the lyrics heartfelt and healing, the passion obvious, and the instrumentation inspiring.

With the daggering dancehall electro precision of Tom Vek, and the depth of mind and soul of Radiohead, this is an artist you cannot afford to sleep on.

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Words by Matt Miles.

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