New Music – Dan Vogl ‘Gifted In Gold’




After receiving hot praise from Triple J and other big Aussie press outlets for just his debut release, Melbourne based singer songwriter come through with his second single ‘Gifted In Gold’ and details of his upcoming Debut EP. With the first body of work due for release on June 28, Vogl talks about the meaning behind ‘Gifted In Gold’ “This song was written from frustration of other people accepting mediocre lives as ‘enough’ for themselves. We are taught as kids to dream big and reach for the stars, but once we become adults people are quick to slap responsibilities and restrictions on themselves and each other. My intention is to inspire people to push through these obstacles and pursue those goals no matter how hard or out of reach they may seem”.

‘Gifted In Gold’ is not your average singer songwriter acoustic guitar and soft vocals kinda of thing. Far from it in fact, with a some massive alt rock dynamics in the verse and anthem sized choruses that would lend themselves more to any stadium rock band rather than an artist working under the ‘singer songwriter’ tag. There is a subtle pulse that drives this track and with the addition of synths by the track’s conclusion Vogl seems to effortlessly layer elements of this song upon one another until it creates a superb, whole piece of music.

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