New Music – Coyote Melon ‘Sebastian’




Here’s a super intriguing new video from Belgian four piece Coyote Melon and their new single ‘Sebastian’. Following on from their 2017 debut EP ‘Coaster’ the band have stated making moves towards their second EP pencilled for later this year, racking up big streaming numbers on Spotify and turning heads on their local live circuit in the process. The new video is an absolute spectacle, simple but utterly enticing – Check it out above.

Musically ‘Sebastian’ is a laid back groove, understated, simple drum work taps away holding the key to the track’s sparse and enthralling energy. There is a darkness about ‘Sebastian’, it has a moody air that washes over the track and the accompanying video goes a long way to adding to the mystery. Twinkling guitars and a soft vocal add a lighter edge but ‘Sebastian’ remains a curious little number with a subtle toe tapping pulse.

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