New Music – Circa Waves ‘Battered and Bruised’




Here we go, Circa Waves are back with a jaunty new number ‘Battered and Bruised’, a mix of sounds and genres that roll perfectly into a moody, yet oddly bright, new single. With a new album and a big 2020 tour on the horizon it seems the band are rolling their sleeves up with some serious releases on the promo trail.

‘Battered and Bruised’ opens with a neat whistling line that is so incredibly contagious that if you are not whistling along yourself for the rest of the day there is a high catch you are ill. The track also draws on elements of alt rock and drops some trap beats in there too. As I’m writing this I realise that ‘Battered and Bruised’ must sound like an awful bedroom experiment of a track – Trust me when I say this is a perfectly construct indie pop song, just listen for yourself.

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