New Music – Chacko Luv ‘The Money Year’

Chacko Luv planned for 2020 to be a big money earner. 2020 had other plans.

Latest single ‘The Money Year’ strikes a beautifully discordant chord and ends up being more of a parable in the same vein as “the best laid plans of mice and men”.

The track is all over the place, it starts off with the slow march of the slightly unsettled piano keys. Over the top of this we’re introduced to the main theme and refrain of the song.

“We’re gonna make a lot of money this year”

At around 30 seconds the band first let the listener in on a little secret, this aint your momma’s formulaic pop songs boy, this is art. The piano becomes a lot more developed, the drums kick it into party mode and the lyrics wail with a lot more passion and drive than before. It’s a clear and distinct gear shift.

It’s not until 1:45 that the song really unfurls the pearls though, the floor drops out completely and we take a minute snapping our fingers to go on a jazzy jaunt through a truly terrifying soundscape of offbeat rhythm and strange sounds. We spend a while in this new dimension allowing the listener to really soak it in and get suitably strange.

The track returns home effortlessly and we’re reminded of the journey we’ve been on to get here.

Chacko Luv is a sound that you could never predict. It’s musicianship at a level where you know the rules and the instruments so very well that you are happy to dance on the edge of insanity diving into experimentation and having fun with it.

The song writing is superb and that vocal crack switching from head to chest voice in the chorus on “guessing” is one that you just have to try and sing along too.

Words by Matt Miles

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