New Music – Cave Paint Make Fire ‘Vincent Van Gogh’

Who the fuck is Vincent Van Gogh? Well let Cave Paint Make Fire introduce you. Vinnie vinnie vinnie vinnie Van Gogh is a painter who toiled away at his craft but ultimately died broke, unknown, and alone. If only he leveraged Instagram in order to connect with a larger audience, this is a chilling tale warning the youth to shy away from the horrible fate that befalls an artist who doesn’t live his #bestlife.

The track itself is very simplistic. Minimalist art if you will. A white backdrop with a groovy little funky tickle of colour that dances across in bare feet leaving vibrant footsteps behind. While the instrumentation is fairly sparse the track doesn’t feel cold or empty, it’s a very warm, rich and full flavour. That rumbling bass is addictive and you’ll want to hit repeat almost as soon as the track finishes.

Lyrically it’s incredibly tongue in cheek and wickedly witty. We’ve already riffed on a few of the choice lines earlier in the review but the entire song is as quotable as it is venomous. Vocally it manages to wiggle around melodically while sticking to a quite lo-fi spoken delivery that lets the lyrics shine.

I don’t really know what genre this or what to make of it, and apparently neither do Cave Paint Make Fire, the music happened practically accidentally, and like all art its organic and wholesome inception makes it all the more captivating.

Mixing the poetic abstract of artists like Momus with the funky rhythm of and improvisational skill of Marc Rebillet. If this filthy groove is what they come out without really trying, we can’t wait to get our hands on the Minimal Effort EP.

Words by Matt Miles.

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