New Music – Cassels ‘Charlie Goes Skiing’

Stomping out a deafening beat that dances to the tune of a socialist groove this is a track peppered with powerful prose, off-kilter time signatures, and intricately tight instrumentation.

There are certain points where the music deliberately pulls the rug out from under your feet and this feeling of unease and unexpected freefall echoes the sardonic wit in the lyricism.

There is a truly raw and rugged punk poetry at the heart of the storytelling for this track. It dives deep into the character while managing to use his tale to highlight the preposterous system that we find ourselves woefully unable to escape.

The music behind the track may at first listen seem a little sparse or simple but it quickly shows off some of its more ridiculous flourishes and to the keen ear the sharp attention to timing, structure, rules, and how to break them is almost jazz like in its expert deployment.

Cassels are a band that exist in a universe of their own creation. They tell wickedly well woven fables that manage to highlight the breaks in the world around them, but also in the very human and awkwardly relatable protagonists.

This is punchy and powerful prose that dances a creative and charismatic groove atop an intoxicating punk jazz soundscape.

Words by Matt Miles

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