New Music – Boardwalk ‘Forget You’

Is there such a thing as the perfect riff? A transcendent resonance that vibrates with the exact pitch and frequency of your heartbeat or your soul? If there is, for me, this might be it. From the very first pick I was enchanted, this chipper little ripper skips merrily through the middle of the track, yet even in the joyous dance there is a little melancholy which mirrors the theme and lyrics of the song.

The production on this song is phenomenal and the instrumentation masterful. Every layer you peel back reveals another even softer and more beautiful underneath. While the lead riff steals the show there is further gorgeous guitar going on all around it.

Vocally it’s a nice little performance, filled with passion but with a cool detached resignation that is in perfect keeping with the lyrical content. It’s a song that charts the difficulty in untangling the complex emotions and feelings that tether us to a relationship and how they can cling even after the weave has become too itchy to bear.

Boardwalk have the effortless charisma of a great garage, indie, or grunge band like Weezer, but with the funky masterful instrumentation of bands like the the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It provides a soundtrack to an intense and difficult situation that we’ve all been through but few talk about or give words too.

‘Forget You’ is a gorgeously constructed soundscape. The guitar riff lays down a hook that will stick in the head long after the relatively short run time and it acts as the perfect bed for the lyricism to roll around in. It works wonderfully as a single but gives insight to the level of skill of the artist behind it and we can’t wait to listen to the forthcoming EP.

Words by Matt Miles.

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