New Music – Bad Animal ‘Boombox’




Bad Animal are a five piece rock band from Calgary who recently released their sophomore album ‘Growing Pains’ alongside this new single ‘Boombox’. Having built their name across Canada with rave reviews already flooding in for their latest album, Bad Animal look really set on making 2019 a big year for their development. Their carefully created alt rock is going a long way to setting these guys out as more than just ones to watch.

‘Boombox’ is hard hitting with big riffs and huge sounding guitars, coupled with the simplicity that makes this brand of rock extremely appealing. The vocal is full of charm without being overpowering, it blends effortlessly with the whole track making ‘Boombox’ feel more of a rounded performance. A solid pulse from the drums drives this track with a certain power that captivates the listener and forces their bodies to move along to a raw, bouncy feeling.

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