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We recently featured Parisian duo SACRE’s remix EP, and have been following their work for a little while. We are certainly growing into massive fans of the French artists so we caught up with Sukil and Hawaii with a little YACK! style Q&A.



You are based in Paris, What does this bring to SACRE?

It forces us to inject some sun in our tracks! Matter of survival.

Your latest remix EP you have worked with massive artists like Gigamesh and Elephanz. Are there any artist that aren’t as well known that have had an impact on your music?

We are not sure they really influenced our work but these past months we loved people like Sevdaliza, Alxndr London, ängie or Yaeji. All smooth. All free.

Equally, are there any non-musical people that have influenced your music?

H: In fact I believe that every interaction with the external world influences our work.

S: Dwayne Johnson



Do you think anyone actually like The Beatles?

Haha! In fact, they found someone in Russia not later than Yesterday. Let’s not loose hope!

What does the last half of 2018 have in store for SACRE?

We are currently locked in the studio to record every day. Trying to push our boundaries. Experimenting. We will have new tracks ready soon. Ep or album…we still don’t know! –

What is your favourite thing about your SACRE counterpart?

S: He’s a morning person – even after a short night. He’s my superhero!

H: She’s an evening person, even after a short day !

If you could change one thing in this world what would it be? World peace and an end to hunger are not options here guys.

Let’s burn all the buffet restaurants.



Picture the scene, you’re walking home one night after a few too many drinks at your favorite bar. A stranger approaches you in the dark and asks for all of your possessions. Its Hulk Hogan, what do you do?

H: I ask for an autograph on my 13 inches Hulkamania figurine !

S: I’m not fighting if he brings me home on his back.

Same scenario only this time its Carol Vorderman who is trying to Mug you…

H: I ask an autograph on my bible: GUIDE TO THE INTERNET, THE INTERNET FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, 1998 edition. I carry a lot in my bag.

S: Who?

Lastly, and most importantly, who has been the most and least sexy celebrity of 2018?

S: For the most I would say Norbert the Dog.

H: And definitely Tim Cook for the least ! Where are our new macpro??

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