Featured Artist Friday – Listener

Today Yack will be introducing you to a band that may have slipped through the outer tendrils of your musical awareness. This is Listener.


Listener is one of those band names not extremely friendly on the search engines, the band has also gone through an evolution of sorts that may confuse some. So to those uninitiated here is a handy introduction to this truly awesome band.

The key member/founder/beautiful human is Mr Dan Smith. Originally the solo moniker for Smith’s solo hip hop project, the name Listener has stuck as the band found it’s stride and made the transition from traditional hip hop, into a more poetic, live band sound. With the addition of Christin Nelson on guitar and Kris Rochelle on drums, the band have just released third studio album ‘Time Is A Machine’.

Describing Listener is hard, most people like to use the tag ‘Talk Music’. Their hip hop roots are audible, but the delivery of their tightly spun lyrics has developed into something far more poetic. The music behind the words is simple but soothing, grasping effortlessly the heart of the message so eloquently screamed through Dan Smith’s mustachioed mouth, the music and words entwine with each other enchanting as they beautifully twist around one another in an audio ballet. They have established themselves very strongly as a performance act however due to their incredibly explosive and captivating live show.

You can listen to Listener here.

We’ll have more on Listener throughout the day.

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