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Relatively new to the scene forming in July 2016, CueCliché are a three piece pop-punk band based in London. These lads aren’t just your typically cockney trio, oh no, they consist of a much more varied bloodline with two members hailing from Liverpool and Cork respectively. CueCliché claim their music is inspired by “a love of music and a hatred of growing up”, which seems a perfect recipe for a fun, yet equally respectable pop-punk outfit. After meeting through a seedy Gumtree advert, Terry (bass & vocals) and Jake (guitarist &  vocals) were soon putting together the building blocks that would become CueCliché. It was quickly discovered that drummers are hard to come by, and no matter how many Gumtree adverts were posted a suitable stick-wielding skin-basher was nowhere to be found. When Terry and Jake had finally tracked down, and borderline stalked, Keith (drums) it took nothing more than a Liam Neeson impression to get him onboard. Since this point CueCliché have been growing both in sound and stature, and after receiving a positive reception from their early demo recordings, the band are now ready to share their first full E.P One Last Chance.

The boys were kind enough to answer a few typically YACK! styled questions, check it out below.




Hello, welcome to the YACK! interview. Many artists have been here before, but no two have ever been the same. This is yours so embrace everything it might throw at you.

TR: Hi Yack
KH: Hi.
JL: Hi
TR: So far so good, we got this.

Let’s begin, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourselves.

TR: I’m Terry, That’s Jake and the babyfaced one is Keith

You have a lot of mainstream pop-punk influences, are there any bands that aren’t as well known that have had an impact on your music?

KH: Michael Flatley, Stormzy and Aqua’s Barbie Girl
JL: I’ve got a lot of metal influences as well, as you can maybe hear in the intro riff to 10th of July and the occasional pick squeal.
TR: He only does those pick squeals because when we first shared demos of our tracks a lot of people drew similarities with Busted, so each pick squeal is his own personal nail in that coffin. For me bands like, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Starting Line are influences too would they be considered main stream? Lyric writing definitely Paradise Fears.

Equally, are there any non-musical people that have influenced your music? This doesn’t mean your Mum and Dad, even if they did.

KH: Harambe, Salt Bae, Donald Trump and if it’s non-musical then… Terry
JL: I don’t know
TR: Well Keith stole my joke of me so, well A Song for Charlie was inspired by a Stephen Chbosky book and film I love so I guess for that one son he needs to be mentioned?

Your new E.P One Last Chance, is a seriously clean record. Where did you record it and who produced it?

JL: That would be me, it was recorded in my Mum and Dad’s spare room
TR: Yeah we spent so much time in that room fuelled by a popular cola drink and well known confectionery product that kids and grown ups love.
KH: We recorded the drums in Unit 2 studios in Acton, I enjoyed that day I got to do everything while Terry and Jake watched.

What does the next year have instore for Cuecliche?

TR: For Keith we’re hoping puberty?
JL: We’re putting the final touches on a very small UK tour.
KH: Music videos, new music.

TR: Yeah we have talked about putting out a follow up EP but I’m worried Jake’s parents might start charging us rent if we spend anymore time in their house.

Terry, Keith, have you ever felt like old men trapped inside the young body you were given? And at birth did you look like a Terry or a Keith respectively?

TR: I definitely didn’t look like a Keith. No quite the opposite, a young boy in a man’s body.
KH: Either I looked like a Keith or my parents hated me.
TR: Yeah basically our parents looked at us and thought, “I know what I want this child to be when it grows up, bullied”

Who is your favourite member of the band and what is your favourite thing about them?

KH: I hate them both equally.
JL: Keith for his brilliant taste in shoes.
TR: I left myself until last on this one so I could have the deciding vote, wish I hadn’t. I love them both, they carry me.

If you could change one thing in this world what would it be? World peace and an end to hunger are not options here guys, we all know that shit will never happen.

TR: Keith’s taste in shoes. Yeah that’s my answer. It would be cooler if it was easier to get more people excited about unsigned music.
JL: I think we should bring back MySpace.
TR: Ah shit I wish I’d picked that.
KH: Jake was definitely a Bebo stunner.

Picture the scene, you’re walking home one night after a session at your favourite drinking hole. A stranger approaches you in the dark and asks for all of your possesions. Its Hulk Hogan, what do you do?

KH: RKO out of nowhere, 5 knuckle shuffle when he’s on the ground. Straight up the top ropes, give him a Swanton bomb, cue Jim Ross’ voice “by god somebody stop the damn match” Pin him 1,2,3 Universal WWE champion of the world *Glass smash -Stone Cold music plays* Stone cold comes in and gives me a beer.
JL: Oh is he the guy in the Porn Hub video?
TR: I don’t know who’s answer scares me more. I’d just ask him to stop using Twitter, it’s for his own good.

Same scenario only this time its Carol Vorderman who is trying to Mug you.

TR: I’d say Rachel Riley would do a better job of this mugging.
JL: Porn Hub?
KH: RKO out of nowhere, 5 knuckle shuffle… you know the drill.

Lastly, who will be the most and least sexy celebrity of 2017?

TR: Most – The New Pink Power Ranger Naomi Scott Least – Keith
JL: Most – Vid Diesel Least – Keith
KH: Most – BB8 Least – Keith

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